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American pro® Manual Air Cooled Scroll Chiller 50-60Hz

American pro® Air Cooled Scroll Chiller AP.BDET R410a Series Manual 50-60Hz

American pro® Manual Fan Coil Unit

American pro® Fan Coil Unit  AP.DSYC -AP.DSYCQ Series Manual 50-60Hz 

American pro® Manual-Fan Coil Unit Blower Type

American pro® Fan Coil Unit AP.DD Blower Type Series Manual 50/60Hz

American pro® AHU Vilamos Series

American pro® Module Air Handling Units Vilamos Series 

American pro® MANUAL-TITAN Rooftop R407C/R410a 50-60Hz

American Pro® Manual Rooftop Units TITAN Series models are single package high efficiency rooftop packaged units.

American pro® MANUAL-TITAN-X Tropical RoofTop Package 4 to 42 ton

The American Pro® Rooftop Units AP.BDQTE-Q Series are specially designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of the Gulf’s severe climatic conditions.

American pro® ClimaTech Rooftop Packaged Manual

American Pro® tropical R410A Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner (5 ~ 30 ton) unites are suitable for gulf regions, with high ambience temperatures. Uses R410a and Eco friendly. For Tropical weather conditions. Outstanding reliability and high efficiency scroll compressor. Design flexibility. Easy installation, service and maintenance. Durable construction, external gauge pressure ports, convertible air flow, easy access doors, well compressor control.

American pro®-Manual DX Large Split 50-60Hz_R410a

The American pro®DX  Split carry a 29 models from 20 to 514 kW. Multiple compressors units provide redundancy and part load operation by cycling off compressor operation to match building load.No total shut down when servicing compressor for units with dual refrigerant systems design. Unit design to allowed continuous operation up to 125f [52 C].