FCU Horizontal Blower Units

FCU Horizontal Blower Units











AP.DD4000 AP.6DD800











American Pro® known throughout the industry for reliability and performance offer its line of 'DD' ducted belt driven comfort air conditioners. It features compact, attractive, easily accessible design and other advantages which assure you of a model to best suit your demand. It can be designed for both concealed and exposed ceiling hung installation. Six models 50/60Hz (2 to12 TR [7 to 42 kW] of cooling) are designed to deliver 800 to 4000 cfm [1359 to 6797 m³/hr] to satisfy various cooling requirement with a total static pressure capability of up to 2"wg [0.5kPa]. Multiple units may be used for larger requirements. Every aspect of construction is under close supervision by experience quality control personnel to ensure high performance and reliable finished products.

·      High Static Application

·      Epoxy Powder Coated Paint Casing

·      Low Noise Blowers

·      Belt Driven with Adjustable Pulley



All steel parts are coated with epoxy powder paint which gives excellent finishing, weather ability and salt spray

test of minimum 840 hours. Before coating, the part undergoes a complete pretreatment process which

involves degreasing, phosphating and rinsing with deionized water. It increases the paint adhesion effect

and rust preventing effect to obtain high quality paint film. All panels are insulated with 1/2” [13mm]

thick 1.5 lbs per cubic feet [24 kg per cubic meter] mat faced

linacoustic fiberglass.



Available for chilled water and DX applications. Chilled water and DX coil consist of staggered rows of 1/2"

[13mm] and 3/8” [9.5mm] O. D. seamless copper tubes each. Coils are mechanically expanded into die-formed

aluminum fins spaced 12 fins per inches [25mm]. Fins are of corrugated design to improve heat transfer.

Standard chilled water coils are of 3, 4 and 6 rows design. Standard DX coils ar e of 4 rows design. All

coils are tested under water with 350 psig [24 bar] air pressure. Coils are furnished with a vent and drain

connection. Every coil is computer optimized selected to ensure best selection to reduce operating cost and

ensure low first cost.



Blower wheels are of forward curved double inlet design and are constructed of zinc coated steel. As the

blower wheels are statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with AMCA standard prior to and after

assembly. They will assure quiet, smooth performance well below the first critical speed at all design

conditions. The wheel shafts are made from solid steel and are ground and polished to close tolerances.

Bearings are of self-aligning, re greaseable ball type and selected for minimum 100,000 operating hours.

The adjusted motor pulley on the belt drive system allows air flow and static pressure to be balanced to

best suit actual site conditions.



The drain pan is constructed of heavy gauge metal and is internally painted with mastic and externally insulated

with minimum 6 mm thick fire-retardant PE foam. As the condensate is prevented to be in contact with the

metal the possibility of corrosion is minimized. The unit is designed, when mounted level, to assist condensate

draining by having a positive pitch. This in conjunction with an adequately sized drain connection assures

rapid condensate runoff.



3 phase TEFC motors are standard. The motor mounting bracket can be adjusted to ensure proper belt

tension and alignment. V-belt and pulleys can be selected to suit various static pressure and cfm required.



Standard flat filters are 1" [25mm] washable type. The filter media is constructed of 70% arrestance efficiency

synthetic fiber.




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