VRF Outdoor MRS Series

VRF Outdoor MRS Series


American Pro® VRF Outdoor MRS Series.

  • Non-Modular Type VRF Outdoor Units  (Full DC. Inverter)
  • High efficient DC inverter compressor with energy-saving advantages
  • EVI Compressor technology
  • Leading IPLV( C ), up to 5.6
  • 180°sine wave DC inverter control 
  • Smart control, maximum 1024 indoor unit 
  • Unique supercooling control and intercooling circuit design
  • TCC defrost technology
  • Multiple electronic expansion valve control technology
  • Dual back-up operation function and alternating operation function

Ten Mayor Ultra Quiet Technologies.

The MRS series adopt the omni-directional noise reduction technology and spiral flow fan blade to ensure a smooth suction

structure and reduce the air flow noise. Supplemented with the sound insulation design of compressor, the unit can realize 

ultra quiet operation and create a comfortable environment of high quality.

The compressor employs the 180° sine wave control technology to ensure smooth and stable operation, and abnormal noise during operation of the compressor can be suppressed effectively. 

Night Silent Mode

The system adopts the delay judgment mode based on the outdoor ambient temperature peak, Meanwhile, it will automatically judge whether to start the night silent operation mode according to the ODU ambient temperature and the current load size.

Forced Silent Mode

For the site with a higher silent requirement, the user can select the forced silent operation mode as actually needed to reduce the operation noise of the unit and create a more quiet and comfortable environment. 

Single Module: 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28//30/32HP

Combination Module: 34HP-64HP, 2 modules Full DC Inverter Technology

Max. 1100m pipe length, Max. 110m height drop





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