VRF Fresh air Processor 50-60Hz

VRF Fresh air Processor 50-60Hz

AP.UEG175B-022L, AP.UEG210B-020L, AP.UEG250B-015L, AP.UEG250B-020L, AP.UEG250B-030L, AP.UEG300B-020L, AP.UEG400B-020L, AP.UEG400B-030L, AP.UEG500B-020L, AP.UEG500B-030L, AP.UEG600B-020L AP.UEG600B-030L

Ducted with a 100% mixture of fresh air are indoor units designed to create optimal climatic conditions in the premises and provide a constant flow of air from the street. They effectively eliminate carbon dioxide and harmful odors and thereby contribute to a comfortable stay of people in air-conditioned facilities.

In fact, these devices perform the same function as the air handling units. However, they not only supply the premises with fresh and clean air, but can also heat, cool and drain it. This is one of the main advantages of these devices.

It must be remembered that they create the same climatic conditions in the serviced offices (rooms, workshops). If a room needs to be maintained at a different temperature, other HVAC equipment should be installed in it, and it can be connected to the same refrigeration circuit.

300Pa high static pressure improve room air quality
Automatic fresh air introduction
suitable for large spaceFlexible air outlet




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