Rooftop Packaged Unit TITAN Q Series

Rooftop Packaged Unit TITAN Q Series


American Pro offers 15.5 to 132 Ton(s) Cooling and 16 to 138 Ton(s) Heating capacities. American Pro® packaged rooftop unit to perform at the highest efficiency possible and operate in a wide ambient temperature range 66°F [18.9°C] to 118°F [48.0°C] it is built specifically for outdoor installation. This series is using R410A refrigerant with a cooling capacity range of 9 models from 15.5 to 132 Ton Cooling and 16 to 138 Ton Heating, [56 to 485kW]. with nominal air flow up to 46000 CFM. The units are rated in accordance with AHRI standards 210/240 and 340/360.

The AP.BDQEK series with new features is suitable for hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, Supermarkets, villas, and more applications. The low noise and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and charged with refrigerant prior to shipment (except for unit in which the evaporator and condenser section is shipped out loosely, refrigerant is charged at the field). 


  • 9 models from 15.5 to 132 Ton Cooling and 16 to 138 Ton Heating, with nominal air flow up to 46000 CFM
  • Multiple compressors unit provide redundancy and part load operation by cycling off compressor operation to match building load except for model 015
  • No total shut down when servicing compressor for units with two or more refrigerant systems design
  • Unit design to allowed continuous operation up to 115°F 46°C
  • Crankcase Heater is supplied as standard offering to minimize liquid refrigerant migration to compressor during off cycle


  • Most reliable hermetic compact scroll
  • No contact scroll design that minimizes friction increases volumetric efficiency and reduces vibration, thus longer service life. Suction gas cooled motor.
  • Compact and light with minimum wear and tear.
  • Unique ability to handle slight liquid refrigerant.
  • Built-in thermal protectors to prevent motor overheating, loss of phase and low refrigerant or oil charge.
  • High EER




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