American pro® Water Cooled Self-Contained Units

American pro® Water Cooled Self-Contained Units

AP.XDQT-C/DC Series.

The water Cooled Self-Contained Units AP.XDQT-C/DC  series with new features is suitable for hotel, office, Hospital, Schools, Villas, Factory and supermarket applications. We have self-contained systems designed specifically for renovation as well as for new construction. All of our products are designed to provide years of reliable, efficient, and quiet operation. The unit is designed to meet the owners, consultants and contractors requirement of efficient, quiet and dependable performance. The low noise and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and pre-charged with refrigerant so that it is ready for connection when reached the site. American Pro offers a complete line of self-contained systems. We supply capacity ranges from 5 to 432 kW  R407C 50/60Hz

Water Cooled Self-Contained Units

Cooling Capacity from 5 to 32 Ton (17 to 111 kW)

The AP.XDQT-C/DC features:

  • Quiet & High Efficiency Scroll Compressors
  • Rigid and Versatile Design for Indoor Application
  • High Static Centrifugal Condenser Fan
  • R407C




Wiring Diagram:






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