FCU Fan Coil UGN Series

FCU Fan Coil UGN Series

UGN800C UGN1000C UGN1200C UGN1600C UGN1800C UGN2000C UGN3000C

Large air flow, range from 655CMH to 6200CMH High external static pressure, up to 180Pa 

The American Pro® heavy-duty fan coil units, for ducted application, are readily adaptable to a wide variety of installation applications in both new and old buildings. They are especially suitable for use in 

Apartments, Hotels and Motels, Hospital, Office buildings, Mall and Institutions. American Pro® fan coil units are offered in seven sizes with capacities that range from 800 to 3000 cfm. Virtually unlimited heating and cooling coil combinations, the fan coils utilize energy saving permanent split capacitor motors with oversize blowers, and have the ability to precisely match the units to the room requirements, providing maximum efficiency at minimum fan RPM. An unlimited selection of control systems is also available. They may be factory installed, to save on site time and dollars. American Pro® fan coil units are engineered and built with both job installation and operating economy in mind.

Superior Product Quality

All fan coil units are manufactured in a ISO9001:2000 and ISO14000:2004 Certified manufacturing facility whereby highest products quality is always top priority.

The products' quality standard has been recognized through successfully obtaining the CE marking certification which in turn comply with the stringent EU requirements.


High Efficiency Heat Exchanger

High quality copper pipes with slit profile aluminum fins are being transformed into high efficiency heat exchanger through advance design, manufacturing equipment and processes.


Low Noise

Through straight static and dynamic balancing tests of motors, coupled with high quality thermal and acoustic insulation in the unit.

Superb low noise performance is achieved.


leakages Protected

One-piece molded drain with integral thermal insulation and professional welding skill enable all condensate water to be collected and prevent condensation at the outside of the drain pan.


High Efficiency DC Motor

High efficiency, average consumed power is 50% of common motor leading low operation cost of air conditioner. Avoiding noise from carbon brushes. It is much silent when operating under medium speed.


Multiple ESP Options

Standard fan coil units come with low ESP(12Pa) and high ESP(30Pa,50Pa),options to suit different applications .In addition, 80Pa fan coil units are available as non-standard options. High air volume FCU comes with standard ESP and high ESP options to add to the product line up.


Slim and Compact Design

Light and rigid construction due to the compact and strong structural design of the unit. Slim unit design also fulfills the stringent space requirement of today building design.

High air volume FCU with the height of only 430mm is most suitable for applications that demand for high air flow but space saving in mind.


Easy Maintenance

The fan coil unit are equipped with high quality electric motor with low noise bearing that do not require lubrication and thus minimum maintenance effort required.

Blowers and also motors can be dismantled individually if cleaning off heat exchanger is needed.

High efficiency filter provides better filtration than normal filter with longer operational life and easy to clean.




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