Indoor Unit Mid ESP Duct 50Hz

Indoor Unit Mid ESP Duct 50Hz
























The American Pro® Ceiling concealed Medium ESP duct split heat pump or Cooling Only systems

R410A 50Hz On/Off High Efficiency

Voltage: 208~240v 50Hz 1 Ph  offerings capacities from 18000 Btu ~ 60000 Btu to cover distinctive zones of every size and complexity.

The American Pro® Ducted Concealed Medium ESP split systems offer climate control for multiple rooms and areas, utilizing a network of air ducts existing or field designed using a single set of equipment.

The concealed duct split is ideal for use in specific climate zones with distinctive separations, such as a master suite, where the zone can be split up into sub zones a bathroom, study, dressing room, etc.. In this setting, a single set of equipment will properly

condition all areas of the entire zone.




A ducted fan coil that is capable of meeting the needs of any architectural application may be configured in a variety of ways thanks to its design.

  • Cooling capacity (kW): 0.5-12
  • Heating capacity (kW): 0.6-15
  • Air flow (m3/h): 100-2300
  • Pressure Available: 0-125

Air intake from rear as standard, from bottom is optional.

  • The size of the plate from bottom is the same as the flange from back, which makes it convenient to change installation style due to different decoration requirements.
  • The built-in pump can lift condensing water up to 1200mm high from the drainage pan.
  • The optional WiFi modular makes it possible to monitor and control your AC while on the road through APP on your mobile phone or pad.

Self-adaption technology

  • Automatic ESP adjustment function will adapt the unit to any ducting with optimized
  • air volume and minimized noise level automatically, making more comfortable in any situation.





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