Mobile AC parts and accessories

Mobile AC parts and accessories

American Pro® Mobile AC accessories

American Pro® Mobile AC replacement parts and accessories 

Air ducts-Double PVC

Double Layer PVC ducts- Cotton inside.

The quantity according to your place and your requirement.

Function: Connecting Air duct.  

Durable for outdoor duct connection.

Durable for long time use and anti-water drop.

Ball Diffuser

Function:  used for direct cooling air flow.

Micro-Computer Control Panel.

Function: Turning on/ off AC unit. Adjust Temperature, set.

target temperature. Show AC running condition. Smart Air Conditioner and more controllable.

Water tubes

Soft flexible Water outlet tube Function: used for condensed water outlet

3m free for each unit

Electricity Box Key


Used for lock/ open electricity box, preventing others damage.

Fast Plug - Pairs 

Fast Plug.

Function: used for fast cable wires connection.  1 time connection for long time convenience. 

 Save frequent cable wires connection.




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