DNA Building In the U.S.A

DNA Building In the U.S.A

We are proudly supplying DNA Building In the US with 300 Tons  American Pro® Water Cooled Screw Chiller.

American pro water-cooled screw chiller is a kind of refrigeration system that removes heat from a building or process by using water as the cooling medium. The chiller is known as a screw chiller because it compresses and pumps refrigerant gas through the system using a screw compressor. 

The following is the fundamental functioning of a water-cooled screw chiller: 

1. The chiller collects warm water from the building or process and passes it through the evaporator, which functions as a heat exchanger. 
2. The evaporator's refrigerant gas absorbs heat from the water, causing it to evaporate and transform into a low-pressure gas. 
3. The compressor then circulates the refrigerant gas through a series of condenser tubes, which are cooled by water from a cooling tower or another source. 
4. The refrigerant gas condenses back into a liquid after being cooled in the evaporator, releasing the heat it absorbed. 
5. The liquid refrigerant then returns to the evaporator, and the cycle begins again. 

The water-cooled screw chiller is an effective and dependable method of cooling big buildings and industrial operations. It is often employed in settings where air-cooled chillers are impractical owing to space restrictions or environmental issues such as noise pollution. Water-cooled chillers, on the other hand, need a continual supply of water and cost more energy since they must operate a cooling tower or other water-cooling system.



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