American Pro® AHU VERTICAL TYPE (A1)

American Pro® AHU VERTICAL TYPE (A1)

Fan, Coil, Pre-Filter AP.FDT3A1BY012, AP.FDT3A1BY018, AP.FDT3A1BY022, AP.FDT3A1BY030, AP.FDT3A1BY036, AP.FDT3A1BY042, AP.FDT3A1BY048, AP.FDT3A1BY058, AP.FDT3A1BY064, AP.FDT3A1BY075, AP.FDT3A1BY090, AP.FDT3A1BY100, AP.FDT3A1BY120, AP.FDT3A1BY135, AP.FDT3A1BY150, AP.FDT3A1BY165, AP.FDT3A1BY180, AP.FDT3A1BY195, AP.FDT3A1BY210, AP.FDT3A1BY240, AP.FDT3A1BY270, AP.FDT3A1BY300, AP.FDT3A1BY360

The American pro® AP.FDT3A1 range of Air Handling Units features an extruded aluminum frame profile that provides a high level of unit design and application flexibility necessary to meet the rising demand for improved Indoor Air Quality. The unit is constructed using rigid nylon corners and double skin polyurethane foam insulated panels. These units can be disassembled for shipment and reassembled at site. Internal joints are insulated with rigid PVC strip and PE foam to provide air-tight casing and minimize cold bridging. The AP.FDT3A1 range is available in 8 models in horizontal and vertical formats with a wide range of options and accessories that can be selected from the American Pro electronic catalog. American pro® AP.FDT3A1 Air handling Units can be configured to meet the requirements of all standard and many specialized applications

American pro® AHU VERTICAL Central Station Air Handler AP.FDT3A1 Series. 50/60Hz

AHRI certified & ETL listed

Air volume from 1000 to 56000cfm

Small footprint

Flexible modular design

Available with horizontal & vertical orientation

TEFC NEMA motors

Optional factory installed variable frequency drives

Optional heating and cooling coils (water, DX & steam)

Optional filtration (disposable, bag, HEPA)

Energy recovery options available (wheel, heat pipe, plate heat exchanger)

See product catalog for available options·      Air Volume from 1700 – 21000 m3/h (1000 – 12300 CFM).

·      8 Models with nominal air volume from 1000 to 12300 CFM (1700 to 21000 m3/hr)

·      Economical Values with competitive pricing for superior performance, flexibility and reliability

·      Simplified New Structural Design with extruded aluminum frame profile for rigid construction and installation ease

·      Double-Skinned Panel with smooth inner surfaces for easy and effective cleaning to reduce dirt and bacteria accumulation

·      Modular Central Station Construction suitable for both commercial and industrial application

Wide Choice of Accessories from mixing box to humidifier to heat recovery wheel to meet various required air conditions application needs




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