American pro® Rooftop Packaged ClimaTech Series

American pro® Rooftop Packaged ClimaTech Series

AP.SDU-062DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-062YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-075DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-075YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-085DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-085YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-085DXZ1-S(E), AP.SDU-100DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-100YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-100DXZ1-S(E), AP.SDU-125DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-125YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-150DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-150YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-175DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-175YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-200DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-200YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-250DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-250YXZ1-S(D), AP.SDU-300DXZ1-S(D), AP.SD-300YXZ1-S(D)

American Pro® PSDU-DXZ1-S(D) Series R410A Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner (5 ~ 30 ton) units are suitable for gulf regions, with high ambient temperatures. Uses R410a and Eco friendly. For Tropical weather conditions. Outstanding reliability and high-efficiency scroll compressor. Design flexibility. Easy installation, service, and maintenance. Durable construction, external gauge pressure ports, convertible air flow, easy access doors, well compressor control.


Better Liquid Handling
Axial and radial compliance allow the scroll members to separate in the presence of liquid refrigerant
thus, providing protection against liquid damage


Greater Efficiency
More efficient over their entire operating range

Improved Sound
Operate at lower sound and vibration levels than traditional compressors

Unmatched Reliability
Easy to service and maintain due to their compact size and lightweight, and simple design
Engineered for optimum performance with today’s chlorine-free refrigerants.


Self Protecting Function
Multiple self-protecting functions guarantee the safety of the unit and running in a safe perfect mode.
High-pressure protection, low-pressure protection, over-heat protection, over-current protection.


Durable Construction
Pre-painted exterior cabinet panels pass 1000-hour Salt Spray Test for durability.
Weather-resistant construction with capped seams and sloped top panels.
G90 galvanized heavy gauge plate conforming to ASTM-A-653, Zinc content of galvanized plate is 275 g/m2.


New Fan Duct Design
Optimized fan vane shape reduces pressure loss and improves heat exchange efficiency.


Adjustable Pulley
Through changing the working pitch diameter of the pulley mounted on driver shaft,
in turn the revolutions per minute of the driven shaft will increase or decrease to change air volume.





Wiring Diagram:






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