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DX Large Split

The American pro® DX Split  50-60Hz R410a carry a 29 models from 20 to 514 kW. Multiple compressors units provide redundancy and part load operation by cycling off  compressor operation to match building load. No total shut down when servicing compressor for units with dual refrigerant systems design. Unit design to allowed continuous operation up to 125f [52 C].

Residential General Catalog 2020

American pro® offers a wide range of Residential air conditioners products and systems . For home heating and air conditioning, leads in innovation in energy efficient HVAC  systems,

Rooftop Units TITAN II Series R410A

American Pro® Rooftop Units TITAN II Series R410a models are single package high efficiency rooftop packaged units.

AHU AP.FDT3- Catalog 50-60Hz

The American pro® AP.FDT3 range is available in 8 models in horizontal and vertical formats with a wide range of options and accessories that can be selected from the  American Pro electronic catalog. American pro® AP.FDT3 Air handling Units can be configured to meet the requirements of all standard and many specialized applications.

Chiller General Catalog 2020

American pro® offers a wide range of HVAC air conditioners Chillers products and systems .For Mall,villas,Hospitals,and more.

General Commercial HVAC Catalog

American pro® offers a wide range of HVAC air conditioners  products and systems .

Air Cooled Screw VFD High Efficiency

American pro® Air Cooled VFD Screw Chillers it have 13 models rated in accordance with AHRI standard Conditions.

TITAN Inverter AP.BDQTH Series 50Hz R410a

The AP.BDQTH series are specially design and manufactured to makes American pro® inverter rooftop package unit to perform at the highest efficiency possible and operate in a wide ambient temperature range between 66°F [18.9°C] to 118°F [46.0°C] it is built specifically for outdoor installation. This series is using R410A refrigerant with cooling capacity range of 169 to 921 MBH [50 to 270 kW] and heating capacity range of 180 to 962 MBH [53 to 282 kW). The units are rated in accordance with AHRI standards 210/240 and 340/360. The AP.BDQTH series with new features is suitable for hotel, office, hospital, school, factory and supermarket applications where the heat load variation is inconsistent most of the time. The low noise and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and charged with refrigerant prior to shipment. All that is required on site is connecting the ducting and power supply. This greatly reduces installation work and costs.