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Water Cooled Self-Contained Units

The water Cooled Self-Contained Units AP.XDQT-C/DC  series with new features is suitable for hotel, office, Hospital, Schools, Villas, Factory and supermarket applications. We have self-contained systems designed specifically for renovation as well as for new construction. All of our products are designed to provide years of reliable, efficient, and quiet operation. The unit is designed to meet the owners, consultants and contractors requirement of efficient, quiet and dependable performance. The low noise and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and pre-charged with refrigerant so that it is ready for connection when reached the site. American Pro offers a complete line of self-contained systems. We supply capacity ranges from 5 to 432 kW  R407C 50/60Hz

Precision Air Conditioning Series AP ll

Data Room,Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) and Computer Room Air Handling Unit 

Vertical and Horizontal AHU

Chilled Water Air Handling Units.Air Volume from1274 – 31775 m3/h (750 – 18700 CFM) ·      Constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel Sheet ·      Epoxy Powder Coated Paint Casing ·      Low Noise Blowers ·      Optional Hot Water Coils, Heater & Hydrophilic Fins 

FCU DS Series EC motor 50-60Hz

High Efficiency Fan Coil Units EC Motor AP.DS-ED Series.  Air Volume from 360 – 2390 m3/h (212 – 1407 CFM) 

Fan Coil USD Series

Airflow capacities from 200 to 1400 CFM. 2-pipe or 4-pipe system combinations. Valve packages available. Several motor voltage options. 3-speed fans Brushless DC motor  options. Quiet motors and fans

Fan Coil UDSR Series

Airflow: 200 to 1400 CFM Ultra-high efficiency Precise temperature and humidity control Low operating noiseFlexible controlEase of operation

Fan Coil UGN Series

Large air flow, range from 655CMH to 6200CMH High external static pressure, up to 180Pa The American Pro heavy-duty fan coil units, for ducted application, are readily adaptable to a wide variety of installation applications in both new and old buildings. They are especially suitable for use in Apartments, Hotels and Motels, Hospital, Office buildings and Institutions. American Pro fan coil units are offered in seven sizes with capacities that range from 800 to 3000 cfm. Virtually unlimited heating and cooling coil combinations, the fan coils utilize energy saving permanent split capacitor motors with oversize blowers, and have the ability to precisely match the units to the room requirements, providing maximum efficiency at minimum fan RPM. An unlimited selection of control systems are also available. They may be factory installed, to save on site time and dollars. American Pro® fan coil units are engineered and built with both job installation and operating economy in mind

Cassette FCU ULN Series

American Pro® Cassette type Fan Coil Unit offers a capacity range from 300CFM to 1500CFM, available in 2-pipe and 4-pipe. 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz power supply is standard; 208-230V/1Ph/60Hz can be customized. Units with PCB or without PCB are optional. 4-way air supply panel is standard for 4-way cassette; 360°air supply panel is standard for compact 4-way cassette. Unique design of the centrifugal fan ensures extra-quiet operation and high efficiency. Wireless remote control with LED display is standard, wired control is optional. Safety grill for safety maintenance. Built-in drain pump with high pumping head. Optional extended drainage pan for protecting your ceiling better. Four-speed motor with one reserved for more choice. Fresh air supply makes life healthier and more comfortable